Report on five species of harpacticoid copepods from vegetative area of Sungai Pulai, Johor


  • Zaleha Kassim International Islamic University Malaysia
  • Hazwani Hanim Hasnan International Islamic University Malaysia
  • Syazleen Zainal Universiti Malaysia Terengganu
  • Nurul Huda Ahmad Ishak Universiti Malaysia Terengganu



Harpacticoid, Sungai Pulai, vegetative habitat


Bottom vegetation is known as preferred habitat for many types of meiofauna such as copepods. The conditions of sea bottom that include vegetation could contribute to the copepod’s assemblage. Being an important diet for fish larvae, information on copepod species promotes effort for conservation of both fish species and marine ecosystem. Nonetheless, identification and taxonomic report on copepods from such areas are still scanty. Samples of copepods were collected by scrapping the uppermost 10cm of sediment of bottom area at Sungai Pulai’s seagrass-bed during low tide. Sediment was decanted to extract the copepods which later be preserved in 5% buffered formalin.  Body parts were dissected under microscope and prepared for taxonomic study. All drawings made with the help of Lucida tube were used for comparison with established key of identification. Five families were noted in this study; Ameridae Monard, Lang, Parastenhelia Thompson & A. Scott, Dactylopusiidae Lang, Tisbidae Sars and Diosaccidae Sars. Harpacticoid copepod species described from this study were Ameira sp. (Ameridae Monard, Lang), Parastenhelia sp. (Parastenhelia Thompson & A. Scott), Paradactylopodia sp. (Dactylopusiidae, Lang), Idyanthepusilla (Tisbidae, Sars) and Stenhelia sp. (Diosaccidae Sars).  Further study on functional morphology would explain their adaptability to both conditions of sea bottom.

Author Biographies

Zaleha Kassim, International Islamic University Malaysia

Kulliyyah of Science

Hazwani Hanim Hasnan, International Islamic University Malaysia

Kulliyyah of Science

Syazleen Zainal, Universiti Malaysia Terengganu

School of Fisheries and Aquaculture Sciences

Nurul Huda Ahmad Ishak, Universiti Malaysia Terengganu

School of Marine and Environmental Sciences


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