Phase analysis and magnet properties of ZnxFe(3-x)O4 prepared by milling process


  • Mashadi Sunandar PSTBM-BATAN
  • Saskia Tiana Lampung University
  • Saskia Tiana Lampung University
  • Yunasfi Yunasfi PSTBM-BATAN



Crystal Structure, Zinc ferrite, Magnet Properties, Milling Process


Phase analysis and magnetic properties of ZnxFe(3-x)O4 (x = 0,25; 0,50; 0,75 and 1,0) have been done. The synthesis of ZnxFe(3-x)O4 was carried out using a solid reaction with the xZnO : (3-x)Fe2O3 material composition (x = 0.25, 0.50, 0.75 and 1.0) according to the mole ratio of each, then milling for 5 hours and then sintered at a temperature of 1200 °C for 3 hours. Phase identification with XRD (X-ray Diffractometer) shows that ZnxFe(3-x)O4 milling results form the diffraction peak of the NiFe2O4 and Fe2O3 phases, the greater the value of x (the Zn atom content) the less Fe2O3 % phase while the % phase ZnFe2O4 is getting bigger and even for x = 1.0 only ZnFe2O4 phase is formed (ZnFe2O4 formed 100% or single phase). Surface morphological observations with SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope) show the formation of an increasingly homogeneous structure along with the addition of Zn2+ ion content and varying sizes ranging from 1 µm to 100 nm. The properties magnetic of ZnFe2O4 with VSM (vibrating sample magnetometer) showed that the sample behave ferromagnetically with Ms higher (in the range 1.89 - 21.10 emu/g) while the Hc value is smaller (in the range 243 - 107 Oe) with the addition of Zn2+ ion content. Thus, the presence of the Fe2O3 phase can decrease the magnetic properties of the material.

Author Biographies

Mashadi Sunandar, PSTBM-BATAN

Centre for Science and Technology of Advanced Materials – National Nuclear Energy Agency

Saskia Tiana, Lampung University

Department of Physics

Saskia Tiana, Lampung University

Department of Physics

Yunasfi Yunasfi, PSTBM-BATAN

Centre for Science and Technology of Advanced Materials – National Nuclear Energy Agency


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