Study of packed sieve tray column in ethanol purification using distillation process


  • Tarikh Azis Ramadani
  • Fadilatul Taufany
  • Siti Nurkhamidah



Distillation, ethanol, packed sieve tray, packing


Sieve tray becomes a popular contacting device in distillation process because of its relative simplicity and low cost. There is one way to improve the contact performance, especially mass transfer by modifying the sieve tray into packed sieve tray. This study was aimed to investigate the effect of adding packing in each tray to ethanol content on ethanol purification. This research was conducted via experiment and simulation approaches. The experiment used packed sieve tray that contained 3 cm and 5 cm bed of steel wool with 16 trays in the column, with operating pressure about 760 mmHg and performed in batch condition. The simulation used a reduced rated base model with some modifications for operation in the packed sieve tray column. It was found that the use of packed sieve tray gave better distillate in the batch distillation process than the use of sieve tray. The packed sieve tray raised distillate content about 8.89% when using 3 cm of packing and 23.31% when using 5 cm of packing when it was compared with sieve tray. The use of packed sieve tray could increase the mass transfer and reduce bubble diameter in the batch distillation process.


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