Convergence of modified homotopy perturbation method for Fredholm-Volterra integro-differential equation of order m


  • Zainidin K. Eshkuvatov Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM)
  • Fatimah Samihah Zulkarnain Universiti Putra Malaysia
  • Zahriddin Muminov Nilai University
  • Nik Mohd Asri Nik Long Universiti Putra Malaysia



Integral equation, Homotopy perturbation method, Numerical method


In this paper, modified homotopy perturbation method (MHPM) is applied to solve the general Fredholm-Volterra integro-differential equations (FV-IDEs) of order  with initial conditions. Selective functions and unknown parameters allowed us to obtain two step iterations. It is found that MHPM is a semi-analytical method for FV-IDEs and could avoid complex computations. Numerical examples are given to show the efficiency and reliability of the method. Proof of the convergence of the proposed method is also given. 


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