Network Quality of Service Assessment Implementation Using a Microcontroller Board


  • Aboagela Dogman
  • Reza Saatchi
  • Samir Al-Khayatt



Quality of Service Assessment, Multimedia Networks, KEIL ARM MCB2300,


Network Quality of Service (QoS) assessment plays an important role in managing network resources and ensuring that various applications receive an appropriate prioritisation or sufficient resources. Therefore, developing a portable hand-held device that accurately assesses QoS for different applications is very valuable. In this study, a QoS monitoring system was designed and evaluated. The QoS assessment was based on regression modelling that was implemented on the MCB2300 KEIL ARM microcontroller board. The system analysed the QoS requirements (delay, jitter and
packet loss ratio) of multimedia applications to determine their overall QoS. The QoS assessment results were compared with other assessment methods (e.g. Fuzzy Inference System and Neural Network based QoS monitoring). The study indicated the effectiveness of the developed system in monitoring multimedia QoS accurately.


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