Strain analysis in ferritic filler weldment by using the modified Williamson-hall method


  • Mohammad Dani PSTBM - BATAN
  • Aziz Khan Jahja PSTBM - BATAN
  • Parikin Parikin PSTBM - BATAN
  • Andon Insani PSTBM - BATAN
  • Riza Iskandar RWTH Aachen University



nano-structured materials, chemical synthesis, crystal structure, TEM, W-H analysis,


A strain analysis study of the Fe-Cr-Ni based low carbon steel for welding application prepared by a thermal-induction furnace were performed using a modified Williamson-Hall (MHW) method. Three different models, uniform deformation (UDM), the uniform deformation stress (UDSM), and the the uniform deformation energy density (UDEDM) models.  The optimal results showed by calculation result using UDM method indicate that uniform deformation was present on analyzed material. Based on UDM method, the welded material contains smaller grain size than the based materials. The calculated of average microstrain values of  7.6351×10-4 and -9.21×10-4 for based and welded materials respectively suggest different strain phenomena occurs during welding processes. Microstructure analysis by means of transmission electron microscopy reveal that based material consist of grains in 50-100 nm sizes and with planar defects are also detected.

Author Biography

Mohammad Dani, PSTBM - BATAN

Sarjana - Physics University of Indonesia, INDONESIA

Dip. -Ing.  RWTH-Aachen Germany

Dr. rer.nat. RWTH-Aachen Germany 


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