Wireless bipolar electrosurgical device by using power energy transfer


  • Ali Idham Alzaidi Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
  • Azli Yahya Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
  • Tan Tian Swee Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
  • Norhalimah Idris Universiti Teknologi Malaysia




This paper presents to develop a system of wireless power transfer for medical applications.Many surgeons use the bipolar electrosurgery system that runs on a battery for a different kind of surgery. This venture is intended to control a rechargeable cordless remote which is used in operation room/theatre. This venture is framed out from Alternating Current(AC) of 220 Volt(V) 50 Hz to 12V Direct Current(DC)  then converted to 12V AC at 20 kHz  in the circuit. DC battery is provided in an electrode of the 12 V bipolar electrosurgery system and the arrangement for charging battery is also prudently/properly made. The new design is an improvement based on specialists' complain regarding the visibility of wire/eletrical line of standard electrocautery instrument Theose wire always put them at risk of being  tangled on the searing instrument which can burn the hand. Not only that, it also restrict their hands movement from performing surgery. The electrical wire is a weakness/disadvantage as it requires an observation of eletrical wire from the hand position to guarantee that it stays sterile amid surgical operations.

Author Biographies

Ali Idham Alzaidi, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

Faculty of Biomedical Engineering

Azli Yahya, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

Faculty of Electrical Engineering

Tan Tian Swee, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

Faculty of Biomedical Engineering

Norhalimah Idris, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

Faculty of Management


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