Raman spectroscopy study, magnetic and microwave absorbing properties of modified barium strontium monoferrite Ba(1-x)Sr(x)Fe2O4


  • Ade Mulyawan National Nuclear Energy agency of Indonesia
  • Wisnu Ari Adi National Nuclear Energy agency of Indonesia
  • Yunasfi Yunasfi National Nuclear Energy agency of Indonesia




Barium Monoferrite, Strontium Modification, Raman Spectroscopy, Magnetic Properties, Microwave Absorbing Properties


In the contrary to other common AFe2O4 ferrites, Barium Monoferrite (BaFe2O4) have a bit more complex structure which exhibits orthorhombic structure. This structure permits to substitute Ba2+ with another divalent ion metals such as Strontium (Sr2+) to improve the magnetic and microwave absorbing property. In this study, Barium Strontium Monoferrite in the form of Ba(1-x)Sr(x)Fe2O4 (0.0  x 0.5) has been successfully fabricated using high energy milling technique. Fine nanoparticle powder was characterized by using X-ray diffractometer, Raman spectroscopy, Vibrating sampel magnetometer (VSM), and Vector network analyzer (VNA). In the composition of x=0 and 0.1, All of the Raman spectra peaks were confirmed and matched with Raman Active Modes of BaFe2O4 Orthorhombic structure with Space Group Cmc21 and Point Group C2v (mm2) which correspond to the single phase of BaFe2O4. In the composition of x=0.3, the highest-frequency Raman active mode was still unaffected by the Sr2+ substitution whereas the lower-frequency Raman active mode were clearly changed due to the overload distortion of the Sr2+, the highest-frequency Raman active mode were totally changed in the composition of x=0.5. Referring to the M-H curves, it was known that all of the compositions have a strong ferromagnetic behavior with largest coercive force of 3285 Oe was obtained in the composition of x=0.1. It also exhibited a significant microwave absorbing property which the value of the reflection loss reached -38.25 dB (~99.9%) in the range of 11.2 GHz.

Author Biographies

Ade Mulyawan, National Nuclear Energy agency of Indonesia

Center for Science and Technology of Advanced Materials

Wisnu Ari Adi, National Nuclear Energy agency of Indonesia

Center for Science and Technology of Advanced Materials

Yunasfi Yunasfi, National Nuclear Energy agency of Indonesia

Center for Science and Technology of Advanced Materials


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