Free convection flow of micropolar fluids over an oscillating vertical plate


  • Asma Khalid SBK Women's University
  • Ilyas Khan Majmaah University
  • Sharidan Shafie Universiti Teknologi Malaysia



Micropolar Fluids, Microrotaions, Free Convection, Exact Solutions


An analytical investigation is carried out to study the unsteady free convection flow of micropolar fluids over an oscillating vertical plate. Wall couple stress is engaged at the bounding plate with isothermal temperature. Problem is modelled in terms of coupled partial differential equations together with some physical conditions and then written in non-dimensional form. Exact solutions are obtained using the Laplace transform technique. Analytical results of velocity, microrotation and temperature are plotted in graphs and discussed for various embedded parameters. Excellent validation of present results is achieved with existing results in literature. It is observed that, the velocity is smaller for micropolar fluids than for Newtonian fluids.

Author Biographies

Asma Khalid, SBK Women's University

Department of Mathematics.

Ilyas Khan, Majmaah University

College of Engineering 

Sharidan Shafie, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

Department of Mathematical Sciences.


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