Max-min Rodeg index of bridge graphs and fullerenes


  • Özge Çolakoğlu Havare



Topological index, Max-min rodeg index, Fullerenes, Link of two graphs, Bridge graphs.


Chemical graph theory is a branch of mathematical chemistry which deals with the nontrivial applications of graph theory to solve molecular problems. A graph-based molecular descriptors commonly known as topological indices describe the structures of chemical compounds. They are used in the isomer discrimination, structure property relationship, structure activity relations. Also, the certain physicochemical properties such as boiling point, enthalpy of vaporization, stability, and so on are able to be predicted by this technique. Molecules and molecular compounds are often modeled by molecular graph which is a representation of the structural formula of a chemical compound in terms of graph theory. Recently, the Max-min rodeg index (Mmsde) which is vertex degree-based topological index has attracted attention and gained popularity. This index give the best predictor for enthalpy of vaporization and standard enthalpy of vaporization in the set of octane isomers and also for log water activity coefficient in the set of polychlorobiphenyles. A fullerene graph is a cubic planar graph whose faces are pentagons and hexagons. In this study, the Max-min rodeg index of fullerenes and link of fullerenes is computed. Moreover, it is presented exact expressions for the Max-min rodeg index of bridge graphs.


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