MHD free convective flow past an impulsively started vertical plate through a porous medium with radiative heat transfer and chemical reaction in a rotating system

Uday Singh Rajput, Mohammad Shareef


The effect of Hall current, radiation and chemical reaction on MHD free convective flow past an impulsively started vertical plate through a porous medium in a rotating system is considered. The analytical solutions of dimensionless governing equations are obtained by Laplace transform technique. The effects of various parameters on the fluid velocity, concentration and temperature distribution near the plate are analyzed and shown graphically. The numerical values of shear stress at the plate are shown in a table. It is observed that the fluid velocity near the plate is affected significantly by Hall current, radiation, chemical reaction and porous medium. The conclusion of study have applications in the field related to the solar physics dealing with the solar cycle, the sunspot development, the structure of rotating magnetic stars etc.


Magnetohydrodynamics (MHD), chemical reaction, rotation, hall current

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