Effect of different solvents on the thermal, IR spectroscopy and morphological properties of solution casted PLA/starch films.


  • M. A. A. Saidi
  • W. A. W. A. Rahman
  • R. A. Majid




Polylactic acid, Starch, Morphological, Thermal, Film


PLA/starch films were prepared by using three different solvent which is consist of chloroform, acetonitrile, and tetrahydrofuran. Similarly, composite films prepared using co-solvent of choloroform-acetonitrile (C-Ac) and choloroform- tetrahydrofuran (C-THF) were also investigated. Their properties were characterized by using TGA, DSC, IR spectroscopy and SEM. It was found that the acetonitrile casted biodegradable film achieved superior properties compared to films prepared by Ac, THF, C-Ac and C-THF.


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