Mixed convection boundary layer flow of a casson fluid near the stagnation point over a permeable surface


  • S. P. M. Isa
  • N. M. Arifin
  • R. Nazar




Mixed convection, Boundary layer, Casson Fluid, Suction, Injection


The problem of steady mixed convection boundary layer flow of a Casson fluid near the stagnation-point on a vertical surface when the wall is permeable, where there is suction or injection effect, is considered. The governing partial differential equations are converted into ordinary differential equations by similarity transformation, which is then solved numerically using the shooting method. Results for the skin friction coefficient, local Nusselt number, velocity profiles as well as temperature profiles are presented for different values of the governing parameters. It is found that the imposition of suction is to increase the velocity profiles and to delay the separation of boundary layer, while the injection parameter decreases the velocity profiles.


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