Hydromagnetic boundary layer flow of a dusty fluid in a porous medium over a stretching sheet with slip effect


  • Noorzehan Fazahiyah Md Shab Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia
  • Anati Ali Universiti Teknologi Malaysia




Boundary Layer Flow, Dusty Fluid, Hydromagnetic Flow


This paper investigated the problem of hydromagnetic boundary layer flow and heat transfer of a dusty fluid over a stretching sheet through a porous medium. The velocity slip was considered instead of the no-slip condition at the boundary. The governing partial equations were reduced into a set of non-linear ordinary differential equations by using the suitable similarity transformation. The transformed equations were numerically integrated using bvp4c in Matlab. The effects of various physical parameters on the velocity and temperature profiles of both phases, such as fluid-particle interaction parameter, magnetic parameter, mass concentration parameter, porosity parameter and Prandtl number were obtained and analyzed through several plots. Useful discussions were carried out with the help of plotted graphs and tables. Under the limiting cases, the obtained numerical results were compared and found to be in good agreement with previously published results.


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