MHD free convection flow of Casson fluid over a permeable nonlinearly stretching sheet with chemical reaction


  • Imran Ullah Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
  • Sharidan Shafie Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
  • Ilyas Khan Majmaah University



Casson fluid, MHD, suction/blowing, free convection


The problem of heat and mass transfer free convection flow of Casson fluid over a porous nonlinear stretching sheet in the presence of chemical reaction is investigated. Moreover the effect of magnetic field is also considered. The governing partial differential equations are transformed into ordinary differential equations by making use of suitable transformations and then solved numerically via Keller-box method. The results for skin friction are compared with previous results of the existing literature. The results are also reflected in good agreement. It is noted that concentration of Casson fluid reduces rapidly by increasing Schmidt number and chemical parameter. Also, thermal Grashof number and mass Grashof number enhance the momentum boundary layer thickness, whereas increment in chemical reaction parameter reduces the heat transfer rate. Moreover, both the fluid velocity and wall shear stress are observed to be decreased with increment in suction/blowing parameter.


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