Structures And Bandgaps Of Small Range Gallium Arsenide Nanocluster


  • Nor Muniroh Musa
  • Ahmad Radzi Mat Isa
  • Mohd Khalid Kasmin



Gallium Arsenide, Nanocluster, Quantum Dot, Band gap,


There is currently a lot of excitement about Gallium Arsenide nanoclusters due in part to the prediction that smallenough GaxAsy clusters will act as “quantum dot” whose bandgaps can be tuned by varying the cluster size. Small range GaAs clusters ( x + y /10) were studied by using first principles calculation where structural properties and bandgap were investigated. We obtained the results of bandgap which are larger than the simulated bandgap of bulk GaAs. In this paper, we discuss the effect of GaAs cluster size to the energy bandgap.


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