Radiation effect on unsteady MHD flow through porous medium past an oscillating inclined plate with variable temperature and mass diffusion in the presence of hall current


  • U. S. Rajput
  • Gaurav Kumar




MHD Flow, oscillating Inclined Plate, variable temperature, mass diffusion, Hall current


In the present paper, we study the effect of radiation on unsteady flow of a viscous, incompressible and electrically conducting fluid past an oscillating inclined plate through a porous medium with variable wall temperature and mass diffusion in the presence of transversely applied uniform magnetic field. The plate temperature and the concentration level near the plate increase linearly with time. The governing equations involved in the present analysis are solved by the Laplace-transform technique. The results obtained are discussed with the help of graphs drawn for different parameters. The numerical values obtained for skin-friction and Nusselt number have been tabulated. The results are found to be in a good agreement and the data obtained is in concurrence with the actual flow phenomenon. 


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