Bacteria producing hopanoids from crude oils: The route for using microorganism as crude oil and sediments marker


  • Surya Rosa Putra



Mesoporous alumina, Sulfuric acid, niobic acid, alkylation of resorcinol,


The presence of specific geochemical hopanoids has been recently observed in some living organisms. In this work, bacteria from crude oils reservoir (a part of mature sediments) has been isolated and identified. Their hopanoids have been screened. Hopanoids are only detected in bacteria from the depth reservoir (high temperature and pressure), namely Kawengan and Bangko reservoir. Bacteria from Kawengan crude oils produce an α,β-methy hopane, a compound that usually serve as a main marker for sediment maturation. Bacteria from Bangko crude oils posses several ordinary biohopanoids and one geochemical hopanoid, an acid hopanoid with a double bound at C-17 and C-21. According to 16S rRNA data, the two bacteria are respectively close to Streptomyces species and Alicyclobacillus species.


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