Flow and heat transfer in MHD visco-elastic fluid with ohmic heating


  • Bandita Das Department of Mathematics Gauhati University
  • Rita Choudhury Gauhati University




Visco-elastic, Rivlin-Ericksen, Chemical effect, thermo-diffusion, magnetic field, Nusselt number, Sherwood number


An investigation is made of the motion of a visco-elastic, MHD free convective flow and mass transfer past an infinite vertical plate. The effects of ohmic heating and viscous dissipation are taken into account. For solving the non-dimensional governing equations of motion perturbation technique has been into used and the important properties of the overall structure of the fluid motion are studied. The effect of various parameters of the velocity field, concentration field and temperature distribution are discussed with the help of graphical illustration.

Author Biographies

Bandita Das, Department of Mathematics Gauhati University

Department of mathematics, Gauhati University

Rita Choudhury, Gauhati University



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