Properties and catalytic performance of sulphate-vanadia impregnated fumed silica as oxidative catalyst


  • Nor Masdiana Zulkeple Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia
  • Norhasyimah Mohd Kamal Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia
  • Jamilah Mohd Ekhsan Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia
  • Salasiah Che Me Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia
  • Swee Ean Lim Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia
  • Siew Ling Lee Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia



Oxidative catalysis, vanadia, silica, sulphate


A series of sulphate-vanadia impregnated fumed silica oxidative catalysts were synthesized via impregnation method. The samples were prepared by impregnation of 1 wt% of vanadium and 0.2 M of sulphuric acid onto fumed silica as support. Surface area of the silica supported samples were similar of 118 m2/g. UV-Vis DRS results showed existence of o supported V species and the charge transfer bands associated with O2- to V5+ in tetrahedral environments. Catalytic performance were evaluated via epoxidation of 1-octene to 1,2-epoxyoctane using hydrogen peroxide as an oxidant. It had been demonstrated that sulphate-vanadia impregnated fumed silica had high catalytic activity of 626 ± 0.2 mmol epoxide was produced after 24 h reaction. This may indicate that more oxidative sites were generated after the impregnation of V and sulphate onto the SiO2 matrixes.


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