Interactive graph dynamics for fuzzy autocatalytic set of fuzzy graph of type-3 for combustion process in a circulating fluidized bed boiler


  • Hazwani Hashim
  • Sumarni Abu Bakar



Fuzzy Autocatalytic Set, left Perron vector, Transition Matrix, Graph Dynamic Algorithm, Interactive Graph Dynamics, Perron-Frobenius eigenvector (PFE),


Dynamical changes of chemical reactions which occurred during combustion process in Circulating Fluidized Bed boiler (CFB) has been modelled using adjacency matrix of Fuzzy Autocatalytic Set (FACS) of fuzzy graph type-3. Analysis of sequence of changes in the reactions at time t through Perron-Frobenious eigenvector (PFE) of the matrix in the Graph Dynamic Algorithm (GDA) shows that end-product of the combustion process in the CFB namely Water and Hydrogen is not really potrayed the real process.  Therefore, in this study, transition matrix of FACS is utilized to analyse the dynamical changes of the reactions and the GDA is modified and improvised and known as Interactive Graph Dynamics (IGD) is subsequently use to facilitate the analysis. The result shows that by using the transition matrix of FACS, the end-product of the combustion process in CFB is in accordance to the real process. Whilst the IGD is able to reduced computer running time as compared to the existing GDA. This paper describes the development of IGD and the analysis of sequence of changes of chemical reactions during combustion process in CFB by using transition matrix with the helped of MATLAB. 


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