Unsteady boundary layer flow of a casson fluid past an oscillating vertical plate with constant wall temperature


  • Asma Khalid Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
  • Ilyas Khan bCollege of Engineering Majmaah University
  • Sharidan Shafie Universiti Teknologi Malaysia




Casson fluid, Boundary layer flow, Oscillating vertical plate, Similarity transformations,


The unsteady boundary layer flow is presented for non-Newtonian fluid flow past an oscillating vertical plate with constant wall temperature. The Casson fluid model is used to distinguish the non-Newtonian fluid behavior. The governing partial differential equations corresponding to the momentum and energy equations are transformed into dimensionless forms, by using suitable transformations. Laplace transform method is used to find the exact solutions of these equations. The expressions for shear stress in terms of skin friction and the rate of heat transfer in terms of Nusselt number are also obtained. Numerical results of velocity and temperature profiles with various values of embedded flow parameters are shown graphically and their effects are discussed in detail. 


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