Representation of flat EEG images via fuzzy limit


  • S. Zenian Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
  • Tahir Ahmad
  • A. Idris



intuitionistic fuzzy set, hesitation degree, Sugeno fuzzy generator, Flat EEG,


Sugeno type intuitionistic fuzzy generator is one of the way to compute the non-membership value in the theory of intuitionistic fuzzy set (IFS).  It can be extended to the concept of fuzzy limit in order to determine the hesitation value.  The value of parameter, namely , in the non-membership function will influence the hesitation value and the results will be demonstrated in the form of images.  Hence, by implementing the definition of fuzzy limit, different value of  will be tested in obtaining the values of parameter  that will determine the value of .  Moreover, the relationship between hesitation and membership value will be demonstrated graphically.


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