Intuitionistic fuzzy in spline curve/surface


  • Abd Fatah Wahab Universiti Malaysia Terengganu
  • Mohammad Izat Emir Zulkifly Universiti Malaysia Terengganu



intuitionistic fuzzy, intuitionistic fuzzy spline, control points, fuzzy complex, fuzzy geometry modeling, spline curve / surface,


The uncertainty data problem with intuitionistic information is difficult to deal with through the methodology or approach available. This is because the existing fuzzy geometric modeling can only solve the fuzzy data problem that is  intuitionistic and fuzzy complex in nature as the data have information that is incomplete boundary value (less clear and ambiguous), have meaning and truth value of the range, a lot of value logic values as well as having vague distribution and indistinct. Furthermore, the operation is characteristically minimum or maximum and image together with the range are obscure and complex. To solve this problem, a new model with a redefinition of the control points which   characterized by three important components of intuitionistic fuzzy is developed. These control points will be blended with the basic functions of spline to generate several models in the form of intuitionistic fuzzy spline curve / surface and can be easily understood. With the intuitionistic concept and its relations, then the relevant data can be translated through the production of these models.


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