Random Color Image Encryption Using the Genetic Algorithm


  • Hanan Abbas Salman Department of Computer System Techniques, Technical Institute of Najaf, Al-Furat Al-Awsat Technical University, Najaf, Iraq
  • Duha Amer Mahdi Department of Computer System Techniques, Technical Institute of Najaf, Al-Furat Al-Awsat Technical University, Najaf, Iraq




Cryptography, encryption, decryption, random key, genetic algorithm


This paper implements a combined pseudo-random sequence generator based on neural networks and chaotic, random variable color images based on an algorithm for chaotic encryption, secure image storage, and transmission. The generator that controls the operation of the encryption algorithm: the arrangement of pixel positions, the use of random color images of the AES algorithm to achieve encryption, creation algorithms, and neural networks by dynamically updating control parameters and numbers to increase the generated chaotic sequence randomness by using simulation MATLAB for getting output. The chaotic function's iteration of the neural networks. The experimental results are presented in the form of a pixel correlation coefficient and security analysis to prove the security and effectiveness of the proposed chaos-based ANN encryption.


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