Dielectric Properties of La0.4Ca0.6Mn0.4Ti0.6O3 Ceramic Oxide


  • Walter Charles Primus
  • Abdul Halim Shaari
  • Wan Mohd. Daud Wan Yusoff
  • Zainal Abidin Talib
  • Mazni Mustafa




Dielectric properties, Ceramic, Universal capacitor


The dielectric properties of La0.4Ca0.6Mn0.4Ti0.6O3 ceramic oxide was investigated under various temperatures. A Debyelike
behaviour was observed although the dc conduction effects at low frequencies almost overlapping the relaxation
peak in the imaginary part. This feature of dielectric behaviour was explained using trapping mechanism. An equivalent
circuit modeling was proposed to represent the electrical behaviour of this sample using universal capacitor, C*(4) =
B(i4)n-1. The circuit modeling is consisting of two series of dispersive capacitors in parallel with conductance and high
frequency capacitance.


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