Mathematical Modelling of Some Null-Context and Uniform Splicing Systems


  • S. J. Lim
  • W. H. Fong
  • N. H. Sarmin
  • F. Karimi



DNA, Null-Conteext, Uniform, Spllicing System, Auutomata Theory,


The mathematical modelling of splicing system which involves recombination of DNA molecules was first introduced by Head in 1987. Splicing of DNA involves cutting of DNA molecules using the restriction enzymes and re-associating different fragments of DNA molecules using the ligase under some specific chemical conditions. A splicing language, L is generated if there exists a splicing system S for which L = L(S). There are different types of splicing systems which have been discussed by various researchers. Among them are the persistent splicing system, null-context and uniform splicing system. In this paper, some molecular examples on null-context splicing system and uniform splicing systems with different initial strings and combination of restriction enzymes will be discussed. Applications of automata theory on some molecular examples of null-context and uniform splicing languages will also be presented in this paper.


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