Photodecomposition of methylene blue over EGZrO2/HY in aqueous alkaline solution


  • N. Sapawe
  • A. A. Jalil
  • S. Triwahyono



Decomposition, photocatalyst, 1 wt% EGZrO2/HY, methylene blue, methylene violet,


The photodecomposition of methylene blue (MB) in an aqueous alkaline solution over EGZrO2/HY catalyst was investigated. The prepared catalyst was examined using X–ray diffraction (XRD) and transmission electron microscopy (TEM). The MB was completely decolorized under visible light at pH 11 after 432 h over 1 wt% EGZrO2/HY photocatalyst. Photolysis almost did not occurs even the MB was kept for the same reaction time but when the system was kept under dark condition in the absence of catalyst the MB converted into methylene violet (MV) after 30 h of reaction.


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