Magnetic Neutron Scattering Investigation and Kondo Effect in paramagnetic crystals


  • Azadeh Farzaneh
  • Mohammad Reza Abdi
  • Khadije Rezaee Ebrahim Saraee



paramagnetic cross section, atomic form factor, kondo effect, inelastic neutron scattering,


Paramagnetic inelastic neutron scattering have been considered to investigate the crystal of rare earth of cerium. In rare earth crystals The hybridization of the f electrons with electrons in the conduction band gives rise to a variety of interesting phenomena. In particular, magnetic form factor can use to help in the understanding of the wave functions of localized electrons, and the energy scales of magnetic fluctuations and characteristic temperatures will be analysed in inelastic neutron scattering . At high temperature, the magnetic scattering can be described by two coherent broad peaks. At low temperatures, one narrow inelastic peak indicates dynamic magnetic correlation and paramagnetic effective moment in cerium ions. These results allow us to establish that in Ce+3 ions, at low T, inelastic scattering is contribution of the Kondo effect.


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