Mussel Shell and Waterworks Sludge as Sorbent Materials for the Removal of Cu(II) from Aqueous Solution


  • Hanim Awab
  • Thanalechumi Paramalinggam



Waterworks sludge, Mussel shell, Bentonite clay, Copper, Sorbent,


Waterworks sludge generated from water treatment plants and mussel shells generated from the mussel cultivation industry contribute to the problem of solid waste in the environment. Reusing them as sorbent materials for the removal of heavy metals from water systems not only reduces the problem of solid waste management but also solves the problem of heavy metal pollution. In this study, the properties and capability of mussel shells (MS), waterworks sludge (AS), mussel shell-bentonite clay mixture (MSBC) and mussel shell-alum sludge mixture (MSAS) to remove copper from aqueous solutions were investigated. The bulk density, particle density, porosity and pH were determined to discern the physical properties of the sorbents. The addition of MS into BC and AS increased the sorption capability for Cu(II). The order of removal of copper ions by each sorbent was MSBC > MSAS > AS > BC which was established in 300-360 minutes. The maximum sorption capacities were in the range of 9.0-11.8 mg/g, with mixed sorbents exhibiting higher capacity. Kinetic studies showed that the pseudo second-order kinetics correlated well with experimental data. In addition, the removal of Cu(II) were well described by the Langmuir isotherm.


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