Enantioseparation of enilconazole using cyclodextrin-modified MEKC


  • Dadan Hermawan
  • Ahmad Nor Shafiq Ahmad Kamali
  • Wan Aini Wan Ibrahim
  • Mohd Marsin Sanagi




Enantioseparationn, Enilconazole, CCD-MEKC, HP-γγ- CD,


Enantiomeric separation of enilconazole has been successfully achieved using cyclodextrin modified micellar electrokinetic chromatography (CD-MEKC) method with HP-γ- CD as chiral selector. Two parameters which were HP-γ-CD concentration and SDS concentration have been optimized by investigating their effects on resolution and analysis time. Enantioresolution of enilconazole was achieved by the optimized CD-MEKC system containing 40 mM HP-γ- CD, 40 mM SDS and 20 mM phosphate buffer (pH 8) with resolution (Rs = 1.3) and analysis time within 9 min. Good repeatabilities were obtained in term of RSD% (n = 3) for migration time, peak area and peak height ranging from 0.07 to 6.1 %. The optimized CD-MEKC method was a simple, less solvent used, and able to perform enantiomeric separation of enilconazole with a good resolution and relatively short analysis time.


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