Forecasting Cyclical and Non-cyclical Stock Prices on the Stock Exchange of Thailand




Forecasting, Geometric Brownian motion, Fourier’s series, Cauchy initial value problem


Forecasting is an important role in organizations for decision making and planning. This research is to forecast the cyclical and non-cyclical weekly stock prices on the Stock Exchange of Thailand by using the models of Geometric Brownian motion, Fourier’s series, and Cauchy initial value problem. The accuracy and performance of the models are based on the minimum root mean squared percentage error which is the error between actual and forecasted stock prices. The results showed that Geometric Brownian motion is suitable for forecasting both cyclical and non-cyclical stock prices because of minimum error. Moreover, the confidence intervals of forecasted stock prices are demonstrated. Therefore, Geometric Brownian motion should be selected to describe the movement of stock prices in Thailand.


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