Review on natural clay ceramic membrane: Fabrication and application in water and wastewater treatment


  • Fazureen Azaman
  • Mohd Al Amin Muhamad Nor
  • Wan Rafizah Wan Abdullah
  • Mohd Hasmizam Razali
  • Rumaizah Che Zulkifli
  • Muhammad Abbas Ahmad Zaini
  • Asmadi Ali



ceramic membrane, membrane technology, natural clay, water and wastewater treatment


Membrane technology is important in industrial wastewater and water treatment. Recently, the polymeric membrane technology is widely chosen in these applications. However, they are lowtemperature ranges, low corrosion resistance, and low lifespan. Thus, researchers are actively trying to develop a better membrane technology such as natural clay ceramic membrane due to their excellent in chemical, mechanical and thermal resistance, high-pressure application and long lifespan. This detailed review compiles through the literature of current scientific research over the last ten years. Its highlights the key findings of factors in the fabrication of natural clay ceramic membrane that contributed to its properties. This review article presented an outline of the advantages, disadvantages, and how to overcome the disadvantages, structure, and preparation of ceramic membrane, including method, raw materials, drying and sintering temperature. The review confirmed that the sintering temperature, the composition of raw materials and pore-forming agent are significantly enhanced the mechanical strength and porosity of the natural clay ceramic membrane. However, further development and modification of the natural clay ceramic membrane technology and their applications to treat different environmental pollutants is still necessary.


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