No-Go theorems and quantization


  • Hishamuddin Zainuddin
  • Toh Sing Poh
  • Nurisya Mohd Shah
  • Mazlinda Zainy
  • Zuriati Zulkarnain
  • Jumiah Hassan
  • Zainul Abidin Hassan



Quantization, Groenewold van-Hove theorem, entanglement, contextuality,


In this review, we would like to highlight the three known no-go theorems in quantum physics in relation to the process
of quantization that maps classical observables to quantum ones. The quantization approach considered is a mixture of
Isham’s group-theoretic quantization and geometric quantization with special emphasis on underlying compact phase
space geometry of spheres. The first is Groenewold-van Hove theorem that states the obstruction of quantizing the full
algebra of observables and in the sphere case, only limited to the spin observables plus the constant functions. The
other two are theorems of Bell and Kochen-Specker stating that the only hidden variable theories allowed by quantum
physics are nonlocal and contextual ones. We give simple examples of these no-go theorems and indicate some
interesting problems arising from them for the field of quantization.


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