Offline handwritten signature verification using Alpha Cut of Triangular Fuzzy Number (TFN)


  • Rozaimi Zakaria
  • Abd. Fatah Wahab
  • Jamaludin Md. Ali



Alpha-cut, Triangular fuzzy number, Confidence fuzzy interval, Fuzzy interpolation rational cubic Bezier curve,


A new approach in verification of offline handwriting signature had been proposed. This approach use alpha-cut of triangular fuzzy number in verification of the signature where the value of alpha-cut will reduce the interval of confidence fuzzy interval. The best value of alpha-cut will make the confidence fuzzy interval in the smallest interval which the best confidence fuzzy interval consists less number of signature from the present number of the signature. Then, defuzzification method is used to achieve defuzzification signature. The signatures modeled by piecewise fuzzy interpolation rational cubic Bezier curve.


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