Optimization and finite element analysis of an in-wheel permanent magnet motor


  • Lassaad Zaaraoui Laboratory of Computer, Electronics & Smart Engineering Systems Design Engineering School of Sfax, B.P. W 3038, Sfax, Tunisia
  • Ali Mansouri Mansouri Ali, Departement of Computer Engineering, Higher Institute of Applied Science and Technology of Gafsa (ISSAT Gafsa), Campus Universitaire - Sidi Ahmed Zarrouk - 2112 Gafsa, Tunisia. Email: mansouriali2002@yahoo.fr




Multi-objective optimization, PSO-based techniques, permanent magnet machine, finite element analysis


Nowadays, artificial intelligence techniques have become widely used in electrical machines optimization and design.  In this attempt, different methods have been proposed. The present work is devoted to the electromagnetic analysis and design of an in-wheel radial flux outer rotor surface mounted permanent magnet motor (SMPM) for electric vehicle application. Two based-Swarm Particle Optimization (PSO) techniques, namely, the improved PSO multi-Objective optimization and the Speed-constrained Multi-objective PSO Optimization, are applied. The main idea of the current optimization procedure is to determine the optimal machine sizing parameters providing the maximum of efficiency with the minimum of weight. To reach this goal, two objective functions are employed the efficiency maximization and the weight minimization. A preliminary analytical model describing the magnetic and electrical machine features was presented. In order to find the optimum design, the optimization results are discussed and analyzed. In addition, the electromagnetic performances of the found optimum design were studied by means of finite element analysis (FEA) and compared with those obtained by the optimization procedure.


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