Radiation effect on free convection flow between oscillating parallel plates with mass diffusion


  • Fasihah Zulkiflee Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
  • Sharidan Shafie Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
  • Ahmad Qushairi Mohamad Universiti Teknologi Malaysia




Free convection, radiation, oscillating, parallel plates, mass diffusion,


This study investigates radiation effect on unsteady oscillatory free convection between two parallel plates with mass diffusion. Appropriate non-dimensional variables are used to reduce the dimensional governing equations to dimensionless equation along with imposed initial and boundary conditions. The solutions for velocity, temperature, and concentration profiles are obtained by using Laplace transform method. To illustrate the behavior of the fluid flow, graphical results are presented with influenced of Schmidt number, Prandtl number, radiation parameter, oscillating parameter, Grashof, and mass Grashof number. The corresponding expressions for skin friction, Nusselt number, and Sherwood number are also calculated. It is observed that increasing radiation parameter, Prandtl, and Schmidt number will increase the Nusselt number but the skin friction will be reduced.


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