Non-Darcian-Benard-magneto-surface tension driven convection in an infinite horizontal composite layer in the presence of heat source/sink and non-uniform temperature gradients


  • R Sumithra
  • N Manjunatha REVA University
  • B Komala



Heat source (sink), Thermal rati, Exact method, Temperature gradients, Adiabatic and Isothermal boundaries, Magnetic field,


The physical pattern of the problem consists of an infinite horizontal composite layer, in the presence of uniform heat source/sink in both the layers enclosed by upper adiabatic, lower isothermal boundaries and continuity of heat and heat flux at the interface. The problem of Non-Darcian-Benard-Magneto-Surface tension driven convection is investigated on this composite layer which is subjected to uniform and nonuniform temperature gradients. The eigenvalue, thermal Marangoni number in the closed form is obtained for lower surface rigid, upper surface free with surface tension and with the continuity of normal and tangential stresses and continuity of normal, tangential velocity boundary conditions at the interface. The influence of various parameters on the Marangoni number against thermal ratio is discussed.  It is observed that the heat absorption in the fluid layer  and the applied magnetic field play an important role in  controlling  Non-Darcian-Benard-Magneto-Surface tension driven convection.


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