Cracking the genetic code of human virus by using open source bioinformatics tools


  • Usman Sumo Friend Tambunan
  • Arli Aditya Parikesit



Bioinformatics, Mutation, Vaccines, Primer, Drug, Algorithm,


Viral infection is a very serious threat to humanity. It causes malicious diseases, such as HIV/AIDS, dengue, and Avian Influenza, therefore, novel method in virology to combat the viral infection is necessary. Bioinformatics provides outstanding tools for developing vaccines, PCR primers, mutation detection and drugs based design on genetic engineering principles. Those tools are mostly freeware. Algorithm from the computer science has made major contribution to them. Bioinformatics experiment greatly reduces the cost and time in wet laboratory experiment. Our labs has successfully designed PCR primers, vaccine, and mutations prediction. The vaccine design is elaborated for Dengue and HPV. The design has BLAST homology of more than 90%, and RSMD value of 0.1. Those data shown, that the design have identical structure with the native viral protein. However, their efficacy should be verified in the wet laboratory experiment. The future of medicine will greatly be shaped by advancement in bioinformatics.

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