Factors Affecting Performance in Cooperative Terengganu By Using Logistic Regression


  • Nor Bazilah Safiar
  • Sabri Ahmad
  • Jusoh Yacob




Cooperative Terengganu, Earnings, Logistic Regression.,


Co-operative is a direct translation from the Latin word "Co-operation" which means "working together". Cooperative as an organization comprising a group of people to carry out economic and social activities for the benefit of its members. A society registered under the Societies Act 1993 with the aim of improving the economic interests of its members through activities carried out based on the principles of cooperatives. but there are a few cooperatives in Terengganu not run smoothly and become loss. The main objective of this study was to determine whether there is relationship between independent variable such as the number of cooperative members legally registered, the assets owned by each cooperative, amount of capital or shared used by each society involved in the initial engagement, ,the function of cooperative, turnover and the seat of cooperative in the state of Terengganu on the dependent variable which is earnings cooperative. The secondary data for the years 2010 were obtained from Department of Cooperatives Commission of Malaysia (SKM) Terengganu branch .Data were analyzed by using the “Logistic Regression”. At the end of the study, can determine which factors having the influence to performance (profit and loss), examine the association between variables (members, assets ,capital shares ,region, function and turnover),and construct the logistic model.


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