The investigation of Neutron Scattering In Spin Waves Theory of Ferromagnetic Crystals


  • Azadeh Farzaneh
  • Mohammad Reza Abdi
  • Khadije Rezaee Ebrahim Saraee



scattering cross section, Heisenberg model, spin waves, form factor, magnons,


Inelastic neutron scattering, probing the temporal spin-spin correlation at the different microscopic scale, is a powerful technique to study the magnetic behaviour of ferromagnetic crystals. In addition, high penetration power of neutron in samples has made it as a useful way for spin-spin interaction in neutron scattering. Changes in the magnetic cross section in term of different energy transfer and temperatures are calculated for nickel and iron as transition metals in Heisenberg model versus spin wave theory by considering atomic form factor. Finally, the effect of magnetic structure and behaviour of crystal in measuring cross-section shows that increasing temperature results in the Cross-section increase Also, the existence of propagating spin waves below Tc is compared in Ni and Fe in different momentum transfers. The relation of spin wave energy with temperature dependence of nickel has created different behaviour in the changes of cross section rather than iron.


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