Leaching of Pb2+ and Te4+ in Yb3+ doped lead tellurite glasses in aqueous solution


  • Khaidzir Hamzah
  • M. Abdullah Izat Mohd Yassin
  • Md. Rahim Sahar
  • Sib Krishna Ghoshal




Tellurite Glasses, Leaching of Te and Pb, Solution pH, Yb doped,


A series of Yb doped lead oxychloride tellurite glasses with composition of (80-x)TeO2-10PbO-10PbCl2-xYb2O3 were prepared using conventional melt quenching technique. These glasses were then immersed in distilled water (pH 4 and pH 9) for 10 days. The quantitative analysis of Pb2+ and Te4+ were made using induced coupled plasma-mass spectrometer (ICP-MS). The results showed that Te4+ and Pb2+ were highly leached in acidic solution or at lower pH compared to alkaline solution and the addition of Yb3+ in the glass system had reduced or maintained the leaching of Te4+ and Pb2+ from the glasses.


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