Graph Dynamics of Fuzzy Autocatalytic Set of Fuzzy Graph Type-3 of a Clinical Waste Incineration Process


  • Sumarni Abu Bakar
  • Tahir Ahmad
  • Sabariah Baharun



Fuzzy Autocatalytic Set, Fuzzy Graph, Incineration Process, Transition Matrix,


Fuzzy Autocatalytic Set of Fuzzy Graph Type-3 (FACS) has been successfully implemented in modeling clinical waste incineration process. Six important variables identified in the process are represented as nodes and the catalytic relationships are represented by fuzzy edges in the graph. However, in this paper, graph dynamics of FACS is further investigated using left Perron vector of its transition matrix of fuzzy graph of FACS. This paper will highlight two important variables in the incineration process with regards to the actual process.


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