Nickel(II)-salen Schiff Base Complex as Anion Receptor


  • Salasiah Endud
  • Wong Wen Yee



nickel(II) diethylamino-substituted salen complex, binding affinity, specific anion, UV-Vis Spectroscopy,


The Schiff base salen was incorporated to nickel(II) ion to afford nickel(II) diethylamino-substituted salen complex. The diethylamino-substituted salen l salen complex were characterized by Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR), diffuse reflectance ultravisible spectroscopy (DR UV-Vis) and 1H (1H-NMR). The binding affinity of the nickel(II) diethylamino-substituted salen complex towards specific anion in dichloromethane was investigated by us


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