g-Jitter induced free convection boundary layer on heat transfer from a sphere with constant heat flux


  • Sharidan Shafie
  • Norsarahaida Amin




g-Jitter, Free convection, Heat transfer, Boundary layer, Keller Box method,


The free convection from a sphere, which is subjected to a constant surface heat flux in the presence of g-jitter is theoretically investigated in this paper. The governing equations of motion are first non-dimensionalized and the resulting equations obtained after the introduction of vorticity are solved numerically using an implicit finite difference method for a limiting case Re >> 1 or the boundary layer approximations. Table and graphical results for the skin friction and wall temperature distributions as well as for the velocity and temperature profiles are presented and discussed for various parametric physical conditions Prandtl number, Pr=0.72, 1 and 7. Results indicate that g-jitter induced convective flows is stronger when Pr is small.


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