Rhodamine B dyes adsorption on palm kernel shell based activated carbons


  • Lee Lin Zhi Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
  • Muhammad Abbas Ahmad Zaini Universiti Teknologi Malaysia




Activated carbon, Activation strategy, Dye removal, Palm kernel shell


Palm kernel shell is a promising candidate as activated carbon precursor due to its granular structure, chemical stability, high mechanical strength and local availability at almost no cost. It can be activated into high porosity carbon in a short time due to its high lignin content, low cellulose content and less fibrous structure. This paper aimed to provide a short summary of various types of palm kernel shell-based activated carbons, the preparation strategies, and the textural properties for water pollutants removal. Besides, a case study on the adsorptive performance of palm kernel shell-based activated carbon for rhodamine B removal from water was included to evaluate its feasibility in the treatment of dyes wastewater.

Author Biographies

Lee Lin Zhi, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

Centre of Lipids Engineering & Applied Research, Ibnu-Sina Institute for Scientific and Industrial Research

Muhammad Abbas Ahmad Zaini, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

Centre of Lipids Engineering & Applied Research, Ibnu-Sina Institute for Scientific and Industrial Research


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