Red Wood (Pterocarpus Indicus Wild) and Bread Fruit (Artocarpus Communis ) Bark Sap as Attractant of Stingless Bee (Trigona Spp)


  • Hanifa Marisa
  • Salni Salni



Pterocarpus indicus, Artocarpus communis, Trigona spp, bark sap, gum,


An investigation about the power of redwood bark sap to invite stingless bee arrival had been done at Biology campus area, The University of Sriwijaya, Indralaya, South Sumatera, Indonesia; during Nopember 2010. Redwood breadfruit bark have been hurt for outcoming the red sap, and duration time for stingless bee arrival be measured then. Meanly, in 17 minutes, stingless bee had came for red sap; and in 5 minutes for breadfruit. Chemical test of redwood sap after soluted in methanol and put on gelsilicon chromatography with ethil-acetate and methanol (1:1), and sprayed by sulphic acid indicate that the compounds is terpenid (tannin) for red wood sap, and tannin and alcaloid for bread fruit sap.


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