Photoluminescence Studies on Lithium- Calcium Borophosphate Glasses doped with Transition Metal Ions


  • Wong Poh Sum
  • Wan Ming Hua
  • Eeu Tien Yew
  • Rosli Hussin
  • Zuhairi Ibrahim



Borophosphate glass, Lithium, Calcium, transition metal ions, photoluminescence,


The mixed alkali borophosphate 25Li2CO3:25Ca2O3:30B2O3:20P2O5 glasses doped with 1 mol% of different transition metal ions were prepared and studied using photoluminescence techniques. The transition metal ions used included chromium, manganese and iron. Chromium doped glass exhibits a violet emission band at ̴ 316 nm and this band has been assigned to the transition of z6Dᵒ1/2 → a4P5/2. While manganese doped glass show a violet emission band at ̴ 408 nm which is assigned to z7Pᵒ4 → a5D4 and a red emission band at ̴ 632 nm which is assigned to the transition of z5Pᵒ3 → a5G6. Lastly, for the iron doped glass shows many emission bands along the visible range.


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