Preparation and characterization of KF/CaO-MgO catalyst for monoglycerides synthesis


  • Didi Dwi Anggoro University of Diponegoro
  • Luqman Buchori University of Diponegoro
  • Herawati Oktavianty University of Diponegoro
  • Indro Sumantri University of Diponegoro



KF/Ca-MgO catalyst, basicity, impregnation method, glycerolysis, monoglycerides


A heterogeneous KF/Ca-MgO catalyst was prepared by impregnation method, and was characterized by Tanabe method, BET and X-ray diffraction.  The effects of weight KF addition, temperature and time of calcination on catalyst preparation were investigated. The influence of basicity value of catalyst also was investigated. KF/Ca-MgO catalyst can performed the active compounds to produced a high MG yield of 49,76% for 2%w KF addition, at 5500C of calcination temperature and 2 hours of calcination time. It is has a high spesific surface area (110,924 m2/g) that favorable for contact between catalyst and substrates which effectively improved efficiency of glycerolysis. The high activity of the catalyst was described to the formation of KCaF3 and MgKF3 crystals.

Author Biographies

Didi Dwi Anggoro, University of Diponegoro

Department of Chemical Engineering

Luqman Buchori, University of Diponegoro

Department of Chemical Engineering

Herawati Oktavianty, University of Diponegoro

Department of Chemical Engineering

Indro Sumantri, University of Diponegoro

Department of Chemical Engineering


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