Design and characterization of a 10 nm finfet


  • Kim Ho Yeap Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman
  • Jun Yi Lee Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman
  • Wei Long Yeo Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman
  • Humaira Nisar Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman
  • Siu Hong Loh Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman



Drive current, feature size, FinFET, leakage current, saturation current


This paper presents the design, characterization, and analysis of a 10 nm silicon negative channel FinFET. To validate the design, we have simulated the output characteristics and transfer characteristics of the transistor. Both of which comply with the standard characteristics of an operational MOSFET. Owing to its efficacy in suppressing short channel effects, the leakage current of the tri-gate transistor is found to be low; whereas, the drive current is sufficiently high. We have also presented the design specifications of the transistor.

Author Biographies

Kim Ho Yeap, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman

Centre for Photonics and Advanced Materials Research

Jun Yi Lee, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman

Department of Electronic Engineering

Wei Long Yeo, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman

Department of Electronic Engineering

Humaira Nisar, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman

Department of Electronic Engineering

Siu Hong Loh, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman

Centre for Photonics and Advanced Materials Research


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